I am really cross that the Brexit campaign cannot start educating people as to the advantages of leaving the EU but the ‘In’ campaign have been campaigning for weeks. We were all instructed to wait until the negotiations had been completed before saying anything but the ‘stay’ side keep trying to frighten people about the dangers of leaving.

Of course it is unknown as to all the ramifications of leaving but we will have our sovereignty back, won’t have to hand over huge quantities of money, will be able to spend it on what we want be able to get rid of politicians who do not do what they promised and the lawyers are properly trained people not appointees of the state.

Every day there are new good reasons for leaving the EU. Today we hear it is 21 years, yes you read correctly, 21 YEARS, since the financial accounts were judged correct.  I believe much of our money is wasted, not least on moving the EU Parliament from Brussels to Luxembourg every six months

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