Max and Daisy

11th April 2017

My dearly beloved cat, Daisy, the inspiration for my fictitious cat diary died today. It was such a shock. She had come for a walk around the garden with me as she always did and I went off to the Post Office for about 15 minutes and when I came back she was dead on the floor. Heart attack the Vet said. Very sad. She was such a sociable cat and only about 9 years old which is rather young for a cat.

12th April

Buried Daisy up the garden where the dogs were also laid to rest and we shall plant a big Daisy like flower on her grave,

20th September

All these months have past and I haven’t written about Max and how he’s managing without his sister Daisy. I still miss her and I think he did for awhile but I think he’s forgotten her now although he won’t sleep on the bench where the two of them used to curl up together. Maybe he will go there again in the winter. However, he seems to have changed his personality over the intervening months. From saying very little and ignoring us most of the time he is becoming much more sociable although still scared of strangers and unexpected noises. He now comes for a walk around the garden with me, comes to greet me most mornings and demands treats whenever he smells tasty meat cooking or being carves. He shouts quite a lot too and always the same tune which it a high pitched meow. I think Daisy demanded attention all the time, talked a lot and was very loving and sociable that Max couldn’t be bothered breaking in. As long as he didn’t have any hassle he was happy. Now he doesn’t have to compete he demands to be brushed as well.

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