February 2017

Well I’ve had an exhausting week last week. I’ve been shopping! How do other women love shopping for clothes? Personally, I hate it. I can never find what I want and they don’t seem to make normal clothes any more. I was looking for a formal jacket – short and really smart, preferably in a burgundy colour. No chance. No jackets; well hardly any and what there were were either black or white and most of them festooned with zips: on the pockets, down the front, one even had a zip round the middle so you could have a short jacket or a long one. Many had fringed edges that threatened to unravel if you weren’t careful and I couldn’t believe the price, especially for something that looked half finished. Eventually I got one. Not burgundy of course, blue with white roundels which goes very well with the navy skirt. It will have to do me for years. I’m of the age when you don’t buy anything that will not match something you already have and “you must get lots of wear out of it”. sound advice from my Mother.

5th March 2017.

Very exciting week. To London on Wednesday. Mark and Henry joined us for dinner which was lovely. Able to have lively discussion on many topics without interruptions. Arranged to meet there at 9-30 next morning all dressed in our finery to go to the palace. Our taxi was able to drive right into the courtyard but not until the bonnet hd been raised, the boot examined and the underneath of it had been inspected by police for bombs. It’s reassuring they are so thorough. Up the red-carpeted stairs, the recipients i.e..James etc were filtered off and guests followed the gentlemen Ushers directions straight ahead to the imposing Ballroom where the three of us were put on the second row of the tiered seating. This seating was on three sides, two thrones on a dais at one end, acres of red carpet and the most glittering chandeliers hung from the ceiling. The three quarters of an hour waiting soon passed watching other people arriving and examining our programme. Prince William would be officiating today which will be interesting. Ken Dodd was getting a Knighthood- would he have his tickling stick I wondered – but no, he was on his best behaviour. Soon it was James’ turn in the spotlight. He looked fine and appeared to be having a short chat with William. When the session was completed we filed out and waited our turn for the photos that were taken just outside in the courtyard, red carpet in the background. Removed my hat before it was whisked into the railings with the sudden gusts whirling around. Back to lunch with our good friends the Ellys and so completed a memorable day.

13th March

Many thanks to the NHC Lunch Club for having me to talk about my book Calling Time last Weds and I am most grateful to those who bought a copy. I hope you enjoy the read although there are those who say it is not entirely a ‘comfortable’ read. I think yo could call it challenging.

Excellent evening with Michael Lunts with his rendition of Flanders and Swann and the poems of John Betjeman, last Friday, in aid of How Caple church. A lot of nostalgia for the packed house. Delicious food too in the interval so thanks to the ladies and (maybe gentlemen) who produced it. We hope you made a goodly sum.

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