Calling Time

Sat 22nd October. Son Henry’s birthday. It has to be an auspicious day.

It dawned bright and clear which meant at least some of the invited guests would arrive. ┬áThe day of my Book Launch had arrived. Mark had helped arrange the books in an attractive manner. Dot’s photography( her beautiful picture is on the front cover) was suitably advertised, there were flowers in every room, Lyn Bullock with her excellent team had arrived to provide some tasty morsels and the glasses were filled. At 11am precisely cars appeared and they didn’t stop coming. It was amazing. The house soon filled with people, all chatting nineteen to the dozen. I started signing books and never stopped until the last person left at 1pm. It was all so exciting and everyone was very kind and bought a book or even two or three and I thank them all so much for coming.


Here is the photo from the press release published in the Hereford Times last week.

Since then I have sold some more books and it is selling in the US and in New Zealand. Nurses and Carers have given me good feed back too and these are the people who will be most interested in reading it as well as those contemplating care for their relatives.



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