Gosh. I hadn’t  realised I never wrote a post about the results of the referendum.  James and I went to the count and I couldn’t believe our good fortune.  We knew Herefordshire was for out but to win overall was just fantastic. The relief is amazing and one of our friends at the conference said it was the best result of his life. I agree. Forty years I’ve waited to get out.

We enjoyed the conference and met some old friends. Many of the speeches were boring, mainly because they went on too long. Have these people never learnt to craft their speeches and to modulate their voices? Some were excellent though and of course some are new to it and they will grow into the job.

13th Jan. 2017

Here we are in a New Year and people are still bemoaning they don’t know what Brexit means. They don’t want to know. It is the simplest thing ever. It means Leaving the EU. This means leaving all of it! They should follow John Redwood’s blog as he explains the whole thing in the easiest possible way for ANYONE to understand. The single market is not the Holy Grail. Every country can have access to the Single Market. I can confidently predict that the sky will not fall in if we leave the Single Market. The PM must keep her negotiations to herself. It is because David Cameron told everyone what he was going to ask for that he got so little. No thinking person tells the world what their position is before they enter into negotiations. If Teresa May told Parliament her position then by this afternoon the world would know. Get a grip and leave the team to do what they have to and we will be told in due course.

30th Jan. 2017

Now everyone is getting hysterical about Donald Trump. He was elected in a democratic election for Heavens sake. He has been in a week. He is starting to do the things he said he would do. How many other politicians do any of the things they said they would do, let alone getting started in a week! Okay, he is unpredictable but they knew that before they elected him. He is a risk – they knew that too.

We are leaving the EU because most of us got fed up with the EU telling us what we could and couldn’t do. Wy should we interfere in the US business. It is their country. They chose Donald Trump, let them get on with it and we will do what we want. Everyone should relax and wait and see.

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