Last week we had five whole days, and evenings of lovely warm weather. Sat outside for tea- Summer was here. This week it is cooler, today it is raining. Have we had summer? Please tell me we shall get some more.

That last post was the 13th June. We have had a little summer since then but not a lot I don’t need it to be especially hot but please why can’t it be reliable for two or three weeks? I fear it will be Autumn shortly and we won’t have had any real summer/ I regularly SKYPE my brothers in New Zealand and their mid winter temperatures are often the same or marginally higher than ours! Who else has had Christmas card brochures already. One went straight in the bin as it had no mention of Christmas whatsoever, only Festival season or seasonal greetings. What do they think the season is about?

The deer have been eating the roses and taking bites out of almost everything else. Today I see we have a tree laden with walnuts but I doubt we shall get many as the squirrels usually strip it bare once they are ripe. At least I have had some blueberries this year as we put a cage around the bushes – the deer like those too.

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