Max and Daisy’s Diary cont’d

You may remember Daisy had been taken to the vet. This is what happened.

Daisy created all the way to the Vet. Why was Harriet putting her through this? She felt better already. True she hadn’t eaten much but if her mistress had tried her with some tasty morsel, like that delicious smoked salmon they’d had at Christmas, she would have made an effort. It was the woman Vet again thank goodness. She didn’t pull one about like the man did. Still she shoved the thermometer in Daisy’s backside and forced her mouth open to look down her throat.

‘I’m afraid Daisy has a temperature Miss Holland but I can’t see much else wrong with her. It’s probably a virus but we’ll give her an antibiotic just incase and something to bring her appetite back. I’ll give you some tablets to give her for a few days. Don’t worry, they’re quite palatable so you shouldn’t have any trouble giving them to her.’

Harriet did wonder if the Vet had actually tried the tablets herself. If not, how did she know they were palatable?  She was relieved that Daisy didn’t seem to have anything too serious although the vet warned her that it was very important for cats to eat as they could get kidney problems after a few days if they didn’t.

Max was pleased to see his sister back, until she ate all his food. He almost wished she was still sick.

Harriet was exasperated. Why had she bothered to spend £30 on taking Daisy to the Vet? No sooner was she back home than she polished off her own food then attacked Max’s and five minutes later  she was on the bird table trying to capture another poor little robin.  Harriet vowed to wait a little longer next time, before rushing off to the Vet.  Daisy was quite good at taking her tablets though.

‘Well done Daisy, for eating up your penicillin.’ Daisy could have sworn it was chicken but perhaps it was a new kind. They were always thinking up new things these days.

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